The author “photo with the Colonel Caigoy” didn’t identify him in this photo


Ruslan Bosilovo: RT / TASS

The officer of Russian military intelligence in the resignation of Pavel Shitov said in an interview that the pictures from the investigation about the real personalities of the alleged perpetrators of the assassination attempt on Sergei Skripal show a different man, not Colonel Anatoly Chapiha, known as one of the suspects in the case of the poisoning of the former officer of the GRU in the UK by the name of Ruslan Bashirov. It Shitov posted a photo from Chechnya, which appeared in the publication of the Bellingcat group and publication the Insider.

Shitov says that the photo was taken in 2000 during the second Chechen campaign. Chapiha was a cadet and graduated from the school in 2001.

“I personally know the person [in this picture], which the journalists took for the Chapiha, but have a different name. This man is a graduate of DOCU (far Eastern higher military command school — approx. “Of the”). He studied at the College from 1994 to 1999. At the time when the photo was taken, was a soldier of special forces of the GRU. Surnames I will not name. Someone still is, and it can hurt. But it’s not exactly Bashirov, and not Chapiha,” said Shitov.

He said that he knew the man who took over the Chapiha, and participated with him in competitions from schools, but since then they never saw each other. “He’s actually close to the man dubbed Caigoy, not similar at all. Just from the picture posted, it’s hard to see,” explained Shitov.

The source he added that he personally knows all the soldiers in the photograph, and said that the picture was taken near the village of Dargo in the Vedeno district of Chechnya. Shitov was the commander of the reconnaissance company and was returning after surgery. In camp he met classmates on DOKU and made a picture with his camera. In 2007 Shitov posted a photo on the website of the school, where he took the journalists.

Shitov said that himself Caigoy was not acquainted because they were in different years and the service do not overlap. He added that he doubts the involvement of GRU in the poisoning Skrobala. In his view, the charged officer is no interest for the Russian authorities, moreover, security forces could not so “clumsy” to work.

In late September, the Bellingcat group and publishing The Insider has published a journalistic investigation, from which it follows that Ruslan Bashirov accused of poisoning Skrobala, in fact, is the personnel officer of the Russian military intelligence, Colonel Anatoly Caigoy who served in particular in Chechnya. The article said that in 2014 the Chapiha was awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

A few weeks before that, the UK accused the Russian citizens Bashirova Ruslana and Alexander Petrov of involvement in the assassination of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury. According London, Bashirov and Petrov working for military intelligence. Moscow denies the charges.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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