Wife of the Omsk convict told about the “meat grinder” with 150 participants


Photo: Dmitry Serebryakov / TASS

From 100 to 150 prisoners rioted in the Omsk colony against an illegal death squads. About it reported to “lente.ru” the head of the portal Gulagu.net Mr Seckin.

“Several prisoners the Sonderkommando team took to beat up and down, and the other prisoners began to emerge from the groups to save them. Patience snapped. If it was just a fight between prisoners, they would not have his blood to write on the sheet “save” and the window to put”, — he said.

In the list of victims — more than 100 prisoners with signs of beatings, said “the Tape.ru” the wife of one of the prisoners. According to her, among them her husband. The list of wounded, she was able to see personally the chief of the colony, who on Monday, October 8, meets with relatives of prisoners.

“One prisoner by the name of Gerasimov in serious condition, the others — who broke his hand, who cut, with gunshot wounds no one. There was a meat grinder. The area was bombed, the prisoners wanted to burn her with torches walked. The head of the colony himself in shock,” said the woman.

According to her, all the dates are now canceled. People who were during the riot in the colony, meeting with prisoners, were taken in reeling from a state. IR-6 is still in the cordon around her on duty fighters of OMON and the police, said the interlocutor “of the Tape.ru”.

The expert of Fund “for convicts ‘ rights protection” Peter Kuryanov on the page in Facebook published the video, shot near IR-6.

The Fund “for convicts ‘ rights protection” / Facebook

The unrest in the colony could lead to confrontation between the representatives of the subculture AUE (stands for “prisoner’s United way”) with the “activists”, writes the local edition Om1.ru. Authorities allegedly believed that prisoners who cooperate with administration, too many privileges.

According to the head of the colony it turned out that a group of inmates beat up the caretaker and instigator of the fight was a Chechen, has been transferred from another prison where he was serving a solitary confinement.

Mass fight between prisoners IK-6 have occurred on Saturday night, October 6. According to the FSIN, it was attended by several dozen people. According to official figures, injured 20 prisoners.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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