Brazilian-old lived in Russia for 20 years and got Regardie


Hanover, Efimoff di Carofoto: Olga Suvorova / TV2 Tomsk

Court of Krasnoyarsk region recognised the old believers from Brazil Hanover Efimoff de Queiroz guilty of violating the rules of stay in the country because of the lack of documents that he was not allowed to have on the old believer traditions. The man was ordered to pay a fine in the amount of two thousand rubles, and forced to leave the country, TV2 reported, citing Krasnoyarsk human rights activist Olga Suvorov.

As told by Suvorov, Efimoff was brought to Russia from the Brazilian city of Mato Grosso mother in 1999. They settled in the monastery of the old believers ‘ Hermitage on the river Dubois (Krasnoyarsk Krai). “The mother died there, from his father, remaining in Brazil, long time no news. Entire adult life he considered his native country, Russia,” — said human rights activist.

In Russia, Efimoff married and raised three children: two, four and six years. The Brazilian passport has been lost, and Russian documents he had, as well as the wife, born in old believers ‘ settlement Chulkovo (1200 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk). “A marriage ceremony among old believers is not our civil law relations. They do not need the documents don’t need printing. They children have no birth certificate. They have no parent capital do not receive, anything the state does not ask. They just want to live by their faith” — said Suvorov.

On 22 September Efimovym Regardie. He was brought to the migration service of Turukhansk (Krasnoyarsk Krai), where it was tagged. The old believers arrived in the city without their belongings and money, so waiting for the trial he had a few days to live on the street.

Suvorov said it is preparing an appeal to the regional court to Efimoff or replace the decision on forced expulsion for participation in the program “far Eastern hectare”, or have granted the continuance in order for he managed to draw up the documents according to Russian legislation. Contrary to the rules of the old believers, the wife Efimoff ready to conduct genetic testing to prove paternity men: this will allow you to challenge the forced deportation and will help you in execution of documents.

“On the one hand, the government decides on the “far hectare” and involvement in the land development of former compatriots and calls, including the old believers to return, and on the other hand, is such a story. I perceive it as something that the staff of the FMS just needed a Daw to put himself another”, — said Suvorov.

In the practice of human rights has already been the case with the deportation of the Brazilian-believer. Five years ago, 27-year-old Dionis Killeen hotels in Chulkovo, from Brazil, overstayed a visa, but helped him to recover the documents that he was able voluntarily to fly home: in the case of deportation, he would be forbidden to return to Russia within three years, while in Chulkovo he waited for the bride.

In 2017 in the Amur and Primorsky regions were appointed commissioners for the rights of believers. Their duties include assisting the relocated believers during their adaptation at a new place of residence.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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