Debunked the major myths about female beauty


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Beauty expert Australian pharmaceutical brand hotel named Alison exposed the most common myths about female beauty, reports the Daily Mail.

First, the hot water opens the pores, and only causes harm to the skin. According to cosmetologists, the best way to shrink pores — wash your face thoroughly and ensure that the person does not remain cosmetic.

In addition, the makeup does not spoil the skin and does not cause the formation of pimples. “There is no research that has proven that make-up causes acne. The problem may lie in how you apply and take off,” explained Alison.

They also found that rubbing perfume on her wrists, not only distorts the flavor, but causes it to fade faster. “The smell stayed longer, first apply it on your hair, and then to any other point” — recommended specialist.

Many believe that if you shave the hair, fresh ones will grow more dense and thick. According to Allison, the first shaving of the skin surface appears the thickest part of the hair. However, the size of the hair follicles can’t change, the hair continues to grow, and eventually become thinner.

Finally, most women think that frequent cutting the hair speeds up their growth. In fact, the growth rate depends only on the state of human health. “A haircut has no effect, they grow normally. But when the body receives less nutrients, its secondary part of the hair and nails are the first to suffer,” explained Alison.

In September, the stylist to the stars Luke Hersheson encouraged women to abandon the comb while drying hair. According to him, flat massage comb causes severe damage to wet hair. Therefore, before to do the packing, you must completely dry the hair with your hands and a Hairdryer.

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