Peskov declined to disclose the cost of S-300 to Syria


Photo: Ministry of defense / RIA Novosti

The supply of Russian kits s-300 to Syria are completed, reported the press Secretary of Russian President Peskov dmiri. His words leads RIA Novosti on Tuesday, 9 October.

The representative of the Kremlin forwarded to the defence Ministry the question of the conditions of supply of weapons. He recalled that at the meeting of the security Council, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the participants of the operational meeting and commander-in-chief, President Vladimir Putin.

“All the other nuances associated with the delivery, please consult the Ministry of defense,” concluded Sands.

On the eve of the TASS news Agency, citing a military-diplomatic source reported that Moscow is gratuitously supplied Syria with anti-aircraft missile complexes. According to the interlocutor of Agency, the technique previously was armed with a single anti-aircraft missile regiments of the aerospace defence forces of Russia, she underwent overhaul and “capable of performing combat tasks”.

2 October, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the supply of missile systems s-300 to Syria is complete. Within three months, the Syrian military will train you to use systems.

On transfer to Syria advanced air defense systems were announced after the incident with the Russian Il-20 that was shot down in the night of September 18, near the Mediterranean coast.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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