Resistant the poor man knocked at the house of the rich and come to success


Reggie Nelson, mamotte: Reggie Nelson page in Facebook

British teenager Reggie Nelson (Reggie Nelson) from a dysfunctional family went to University and got a dream job, knocking at the houses of the rich. This was reported by the newspaper Independent.

The black boy up to 18 years old lived with his mother in municipal housing for low-income families. At the age of 14 he was expelled from school, he already had a police record, but the young man wanted to change. As Nelson watched the news and they were interviewing rich people How’d You Get So Rich (“How are you so rich?”). After he decided to talk with Zatochnik compatriots and found myself in Google street where live the wealthiest residents of London — Gloucester road. The teenager arrived and began to take turns knocking on the doors of houses.

“I just wanted to know what skills and qualities allowed you to live in such a luxurious place, so I could use it myself”, he said opening the door to the rich. As a rule, advised him to study well and gain experience. However, one of the residents of London, the wife of a top Manager of the company investment management BlackRock Elizabeth Price (Elizabeth Price) has invited him for a Cup of tea.

Quintin Price, impressed with the tenacity of a young man, invited him to a one-day internship in a company, and then extended it for a week. Top Manager also picked up for the teenager and the tutor persuaded him to go to University after College.

Now Nelson is 22, he received a bachelor’s degree, four times trained in the leading investment companies in London and now have a permanent job analyst with Legal & General Investment Management Limited.

In his spare time, Nelson’s tutoring. “I want to inspire as many young black people to start working in the field of Finance. A few of them: one of the internships has filed nine thousand people, it received 115 applicants, and only three of them were with dark skin”.

Nelson is going to continue to “follow your mission” and hopes that someday he will settle on Gloucester road.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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