She has lost his reindeer


Photo courtesy of Olesya Kaneeva

A resident of Sverdlovsk region Olesya Kanaeva looking for his deer Yasha, who escaped from a private house in the town of Krasnoturinsk. About it reports the edition “globe”.

Yasha disappeared during a walk near the house: the hostess found a broken tree to which he was tied. Animal tracks she could not be found as they were washed away by rain.

The woman suggests that Yasha could go to the nearby town of Serov, which is about 40 kilometers from Krasnoturyinsk. The fact that the deer ran away a year ago, around this time, and found it there, said the publication of the hostess.

In July 2018 Kaliningrad photographer published an online video in which the elk for a long time watched the drone, sniffed it, and then tried to jump to him and to taste. According to the remark of the author of the video is first shooting a moose with a drone in the Kaliningrad region.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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