Another country prepared to destroy the drug


Sheikh Casinofoto: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

The government of Bangladesh has decided to destroy addicts and narkotorgovtsev. The country adopted the draft law on the death penalty for drug-related offences, reports Channel News Asia.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wajed, has launched a campaign for the destruction of drugs in the country in which the police may have killed about 200 people, the newspaper writes. Human rights organizations have criticized the authorities ‘ approach to the problem. They fear that there arises the same situation as in the Philippines, where in the course of the drug war without trial, the killing of thousands of people.

The new law methamphetamine, which in Bangladesh is called Yabba, for the first time recognized as a narcotic substance. According to the document, for smuggling, distribution, or consumption of more than five grams could face the maximum penalty. If the drug in the detainee will be less, the offender will be sent to prison for up to five years.

According to the representative of the government, the law is necessary to stop the flow of drugs from neighboring Myanmar. In Bangladesh believe that the most Yabba consume Rohingya refugees fleeing from there. Representatives of the Muslim peoples who are at home are persecuted, claim that pushes them to crime and unemployment.

According to Hasina, the war on drugs in the country will not stop until it is won. The government also noted that citizens support measures.

In September the leader of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte admitted extrajudicial killings during the war on drugs. According to official data of the government of the Republic, two years of counter-narcotics were killed about 4.5 thousand people, mainly small-time drug dealers and drug addicts. According to the International Criminal Court killed at least eight thousand. According to some human rights groups, the number reaches 12 thousand.

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