Cords have deleted all photos from Instagram and was beaten


Sergey Shnurov Photo: @shnurovs

The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has removed all pictures from Instagram and published a photo in which appeared with a black eye. In the post musician in obscene verse form told them how I got injured.

Version Shnurov, which, however, it may be fiction, an angry subscriber beat him because he erased all the posts in Instagram.

He — “where are the pictures, in the Inst, bitch?
Where is the poetry? They are not present!
Will ***** [damn it], you science!”
And ***** [hit] ****** [person].
So, through violence,
I returned to the fold,
A victim very much
Even treacherous.

9 Oct portal published an interview with a public figure Alexander Kaminski, who explained the cleaning account his attempt to evade taxes. “Unaccounted cash hidden restaurants and clubs, it appears that the audits of their activities, often go just to pay for the performances of Russian pop stars without signing any contracts, paying taxes, and are subject to many other violations of the law. Yes, Sergey “lit up” with performances on a much larger number of events than the limit of 120 million rubles was established for microenterprises, as what was Mr. Cord,” he told Kaminsky.

He stressed that the tax authorities can check the activities of celebrities through their social networks, including Instagram.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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