Hungry after the death of a friend the dog sent to the dog therapist


Mistress tyra Bobby Jameson and dog Bobbitt: Caters news agency

In the UK a four year old dog Bobby gnawed through the meter hole in the door, scratched the wall and broke a package with TV. So he reacted to the death of another dog, after which for the first time left home alone, reports the Daily Mail.

Mistress tyra Bobby Jameson left his house from his mother and went to the wedding rehearsal. Returning after a three-hour absence, she found crushed housing. She had to re-repair the entryway, replace a door, Wallpaper and flooring. On the restoration of the house, the woman spent fifteen thousand pounds (132 thousand).

From Jameson was another dog, she died a few days ago. Bobby misses her a lot and can not be one, at least leave him with a boxful of toys. The family is going to call in a dog therapist to help the dog cope with the separation.

“Parting with our dog Bobby is given very hard, so I came back home every couple hours to check it. That’s the worst thing he ever did, and it happened not even in my house. At first I was angry at him, but he’s so sad to be alone, so I understand why he did it,” — said the hostess Bobby.

In 2016, the cat from Indonesia spent a year at the grave of his dead mistress. Every day she came to the children of the deceased, who fed her, but after he returned to the place of burial. Locals tried several times to take the cat home, but she ran back to the cemetery.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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