Microsoft rereleased destroys files Windows 10 upgrade


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Microsoft announced the fix for the bug with removing files from the October update to Windows 10. Then began a re-distribution of updates, according to a company blog.

“We looked at all the posts about the loss of data, identified and corrected all known problems and additionally conducted an internal audit, — says head of development, maintenance and distribution of Windows John cable (John Cable). — At the same time, the number of complaints of data loss was very small (one hundredth of one percent of all updated), but any data loss is a serious problem.”

The update of Windows 10 was released October 2, but a few days later the company ceased to distribute it. It was caused by the user complaints about losing data from folders “My Documents”. So, one of them lost 220 GB of files that had collected over 23 years.

In addition, after the upgrade there were compatibility issues with Intel processors generation Skylake or later. This leads to an increased load on the chip, and in the case of laptops reduces the battery life. The company responded to the problem and before the update started display a warning, during which you can revert to the previous version of the system.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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