Named as the main source of tension in Russia


Valery Soricinae: Sergei Savostyanov / TASS

The main source of social tension in Russia — is the unresolved socio-economic problems, including insufficient protection of social rights of citizens. This is evidenced by numerous complaints to the constitutional court (CC), wrote in his article “the Letter and spirit of the Constitution” the President of the constitutional court Valery Zorkin. Text published in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Zorkin said that the Russians are sensitive to injustice and are tired of the economic problems of the country and three decades of reforms, which have resulted in excessive social stratification. He noted that now in the country live below the poverty line of 20 million people, the number of dollar millionaires in the country every year is only growing.

“The current Russian society is already well aware of the relationship between socio-economic issues facing many of our fellow citizens, and the injustice of privatization of large property, held in the country in 90-e years of the last century. And this not only casts doubt on the legitimacy of the existing system of ownership, with all the ensuing consequences and risks, but also serves to undermine public confidence in the justice of the social order as a whole”, — said the head of the constitutional court.

According to him, such indicators as standard of living, subsistence minimum, minimum wage and the index of human development, they clearly demonstrate the degree of social inequality. Zorkin is concerned, Russia has a very high proportion of so-called working poor, and the most massive group of the poor are families with children.

Labour rights of citizens in recent years has significantly affected, according to the Chairman of the COP. Employers load employees work, but carry with them the lives and health of less responsibility. In addition, many workers find themselves disadvantaged in light of the impending large-scale automation, robotics and computerization of production. In the future, millions of people could lose their jobs, but their social security and status.

“All this suggests that we are still far from the implementation of the provisions of article 7 of the Constitution, which reads: “the Russian Federation is a social state whose policy is aimed at creating conditions for a dignified life and free development of man.” In this regard, I regret to note that here is enshrined the concept of “decent life” and “free development of man” has not yet received in our country have not only the right practical implementation, but adequate to their importance for a theoretical understanding”, — said Zorkin.

Earlier, the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin said that the current level of poverty in Russia is not valid with the current level of income GDP per capita.

One set before the government objectives — reducing poverty in the country by half by 2024. According to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, the task now is among the most difficult.

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