The Russians considered the hypocrisy and cunning of the main features of the Ukrainians


Photo: Grigoriy Vasilenko / RIA Novosti

The experts summarized the results of the survey on the attitude of Russians and Ukrainians towards each other and named the main features that have made the residents of the two countries neighbors. The data of joint research of “Levada-center” and the Kiev international Institute of sociology studied RBC.

According to the survey, the sympathies of the Ukrainians to the Russians substantially increased. 38 percent of the citizens of Ukraine noted that treat Russia positively, 10 percent “very good”. A year ago, only a third of the citizens positively described their attitude to the neighbors.

Ukrainians called typical for Russians in such things as hospitality (65 percent), openness (58 percent), peacefulness (54 per cent) and patience (50 percent).

The head of the Ukrainian Center of applied political studies “Penta” Volodymyr Fesenko connects these changes with a decrease in the intensity of the fighting in the East of Ukraine.

In contrast to the mostly positive characteristics, which were given to Ukrainian citizens, neighbors, the Russians, with 2014 almost not changed the negative attitude to Kiev. According to the study, more than 50 percent of Russians treat Ukraine badly and “mostly bad”. So, their characteristic qualities, the Russians called hypocrisy and cunning (30 percent), hospitality (26 percent), envy (22%) and stealth (23%).

In April 2017, the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said Russia’s lack of anti-Ukrainian sentiments, as, in her opinion, the Russians can see the difference between the Ukrainian people and the current Kiev leadership.

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