Asians asked to stash their wealth


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Asian families living in the UK, it is strongly recommended not to store your gold at home during the religious holidays, including passing Navaratri (from 9 to 18 October) and the coming of Diwali (November 7). About it writes Daily Mail.

According to Scotland Yard, there are gangs, the purpose of which are Asian, Jewish, and Maltese families. They steal gold and jewels, handed down from generation to generation. It is noted that often these family jewels have been exhibited during religious holidays.

According to statistics, in 2017, the country has witnessed 1891 theft, the victims were immigrants from Asia. They stole more than 6.3 thousand jewels for a total amount of £ 9 million (more than 10.2 million euros).

According to police, the gold prized by criminals because it can be quickly, anonymously and profitable to sell. At the same time for owners of these family ornaments have a special value, so they recommend to stick to simple security measures.

As an example, Scotland Yard released a video with a married couple, which the thieves slipped in February through the kitchen window. Elderly Asians threats forced to give all values, including favorite wedding ring. Criminals never found.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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