For the Russians watched without their knowledge


Photo: Alexander Podkorchuk / “Kommersant”

The administration of the social network Facebook has blocked the accounts of the company’s Social Data Hub, which is accused of illegal collection and processing of user data. This information representatives of the platform confirmed the publication of RusBase.

It is reported that the staff of Facebook has restricted the activity of the 66 pages and applications created by the Social Data Hub. They suggest that analysts have used the data of users and their photos. Previously we had sent the office a letter in which demanded to stop processing your information and to destroy it. Also, the platform expects to receive the list of clients Social Data Hub.

The administration of Facebook finds that the actions were illegal. The nature of the charges put forward by the Social Data Hub, identical to the claims against organizations Cambridge Analytica.

In the spring of 2018 it became known that affiliated company used data sets about users of Facebook to manipulate public opinion. The social network has admitted information leakage about 90 million users. The head of the social network mark Zuckerberg then apologized to users and said that Facebook did not cope with the assigned responsibility.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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