Named the best country for work


Photo: Edgar Su / Reuters

The best country to live in and expats have recognized Singapore. These data showed the annual Expat Explorer survey, which is conducted by the HSBC Bank, reports Bloomberg.

At the same time the income for expats, Singapore is ranked only fifth place. The average salary there is for foreign professionals 162,2 thousand dollars a year. Pay most expats in Switzerland — 202 thousands of dollars a year. Followed by the USA (185,1 thousand dollars), Hong Kong (178,7 thousand dollars) and China (172,7 thousand dollars).

Singapore leads in the ratio of the level of life and income levels. Next come New Zealand, Germany and Canada. Switzerland won the overall ranking only eighth place due to the high cost of maintaining children.

Sweden has ranked first on the issue of gender equality. New Zealand, Thailand and Spain allow us to obtain the maximum amount of experience.

According to the survey, 45 per cent of expats believe that the same work they do at home, pays more when moving abroad. According to HSBC, after the move able on average to an additional 21 thousand dollars of annual income.

According to the consulting company Korn Ferrу, top managers in Russia earn amounts that are comparable with the salaries of colleagues in France, UK, Poland and Turkey and slightly lower than the leaders in the US and Germany (34 and 20 percent, respectively).

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