Permafrost was found useful for the immune system bacteria


Photo: Shutterstock

Scientists of Tyumen state University and Tyumen scientific center Siberian branch of RAS found in the rocks of permafrost strain of bacteria that stimulate the immune system and can be used to develop new drugs, reports TASS.

Bacteria isolated from permafrost. According to scientists, the interest in them is caused by the synthesis of the substances with immunomodulatory properties. Further study will allow us to conclude on the potential use of strain as a probiotic.

At the University, said modern technology turn the permafrost into a promising resource for drug development based on the strains.

Institute for environmental and agricultural biology (X-BIO) with world class laboratories was created in Tyumen state University in 2017. In the framework of research projects of professionals and students annually organize the expedition, including with the aim of studying the state of the permafrost in the Russian Arctic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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