Protection Mamayev dumped the blame on Kokorin


Paul Mamaevtsi: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

Lawyer Pavel Mamayev, Igor Bushmanov said that the fight was started by his client and Alexander Kokorin. On it informs “Sport Express”.

He referred to a video in which his client allegedly did not initially involved in the scuffle and joined later. “The investigation brings the two conflicting versions. In one version, beating the Pack caused solely Kokorin. The second version of the preliminary agreement Kokorin from Mamaev. I just asked to see the video. The record shows that at the time of an action, the defendant is in a different place and in a sleepy state. He went to the parties to the conflict after the strike the chair,” he said.

After the court decision on the conclusion of Mamayev custody Bushmanov said that this solution is too rigid: “We are ready to declare innocence Mamaev, we will appeal the court’s decision.”

Earlier on 11 October the court arrested athletes, and younger brother Cyril Kokorin, for two months. The investigation explained the need for an arrest that they have committed a crime in a group of individuals, and can disappear and put pressure upon witnesses.

October 8, the players were the instigators of the two fights in the center of Moscow. In the first case, their hands were injured, the driver leading the First channel of Olga Ushakova. A man was beaten in the Parking lot of the hotel “Beijing”. On the same day, the players attacked the Director of the Department of automotive and railway engineering of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Pack and the head of the state scientific center “NAMI” Sergey Gaisin. It happened at the coffee shop on Nikitskaya street.

Kokorin and Mamaev’s close friends. In the last photo Kokorin in Instagram they sit in an embrace, the entry is accompanied by the hashtag #10летдружбы and the image of the heart.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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