She lost her memory and forgotten relatives and beloved


Fran Gill (right)photo: home of Fran Gill in Facebook

Due to the illness 25-the summer inhabitant of the English County of Kent lost his memory and forgotten relatives. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

After finishing University, where she studied marine biology and agriculture, Fran Gill (Fran Geall) joined the company, which is engaged in the production of oysters. Three months later she began to suffer from severe headache. She was hard to get the chin to the neck, which is considered one of the symptoms of meningitis. Gill turned to the doctor, but he found no reason for concern.

The girl a few days could not get out of bed because of the migraines, then she started having seizures. After that her ambulance was taken to the hospital. The cause of this condition was an autoimmune encephalitis in which the body produces antibodies against its own nerve cells. To establish the cause of its appearance has failed, but it could be caused by an infection.

Gill spent a week in an induced coma. After awakening a few weeks she could not speak, read or write, did not remember who she was before the disease, and forget everything you ever learned. She just found out his girlfriend and immediate family, but couldn’t remember who they are and what their names are.

Gradually lost skills began to return, and five weeks later Gill was discharged from the hospital. She returned to work, but after a few days she again had a seizure. After that, she had to quit. “I realized that to recover I need much more time than I thought, she says. Doctors don’t know will recover it memory, so I have to put up with the prospect to re-learn everything I once knew”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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