The detectives are faced with a shortage of evidence in the case of the murdered in the suburbs of the investigator


Photo: Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

Investigators are faced with an almost complete lack of evidence in the case of the murdered in the suburbs of the investigator for particularly important cases Evgeniya Shishkina. On Thursday, October 11, Telegram reports channel “112”.

According to the report, the crime scene was discovered a few traces of protectors of the Shoe, liner and parts of the traumatic gun IZH altered under a fighting cartridge. The weapon was destroyed after the third shot. Several residents testified that saw two suspicious young men.

“Dark jacket, black jeans or pants, hoods. Medium height, medium build. Neighbors Shishkina thought it was drug addicts (…), the police called the only one. Describe the suspects in detail, no one really can not”, — stated in the message.

Investigators hope to find the marks on the shell casings — the smallest particles remaining when charging weapons. They will be sent to the study.

Earlier it was reported that the shooting in the suburbs, the investigator of the Ministry of internal Affairs Evgeny Shishkin received threats in connection with investigated her criminal case and asked for Pro Bono.

Shishkin was killed early Wednesday morning, October 10. She left her home in the village of Arkhangelsk, on the way to the Parking lot the two times I shot a criminal. The investigator was wounded in the neck and died on the spot.

As noted by Telegram-channel “112” is the second attempt at Shishkin, the first was committed on the night of January 14 in the village of Arkhangelsk, near the house №31. “After the failed assassination attempt, when Shishkin (…), zablokirovanii at home, awaiting the arrival of the police outfit, was produced by arson of her car Lexus”, — said the channel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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