The Russian Minister told about the advantages of living at the subsistence level


The Minister of labour and employment of Saratov region Natalia Sokolovitch:

The Minister of labour and employment of Saratov region Natalia Sokolova said that the living wage “is enough for minimum physiological needs.” About it the clerk reported on the meeting of the working group of the Committee on social policy of regional Duma, according to “Public opinion”.

In the wording of the Agency was the video of the dispute Sokolova with the Deputy Nikolay Bondarenko, who offered her as an experiment to try to live on subsistence level, amounting in the field 7241 of the ruble.

“I can make the menu based on the stores that I frequent discounts, and you will realize that you can live! Balanced [diet], but dietary! You will become younger, prettier and slimmer! Makaroshki are always the same!” — said the head of Department.

She also suspected the source in the lack of religiosity. “And I do not have the 40 days of lent, and just be healthier!” — told the clerk.

In response to the proposal Bondarenko “to feel it on their skin,” Sokolov assured that “the person resolute enough,” but fears that “the status of the Minister will not allow it”.

According to Zarathoustra, at the end of September, the minimum set of products has cost the inhabitants of the region in 3162 of the ruble.

Previously, unemployed single mother Olga Zhuravleva from Ivanteevka (Saratov oblast), was sentenced to 120 hours of obligatory works, which helped in cleaning the pizzeria to their friends. Law enforcement officers told the court that the woman robbed the state of seven thousand roubles, receiving unemployment benefits. She was sentenced under part 1 of article 159.2 of the criminal code (“Fraud upon receipt of payments”). Later, the Prosecutor’s office petitioned for the abolition of the sentence.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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