The warden switched the beaten prisoners healthy before testing


Photo: Dmitry Lebedev / Kommersant

The staff of the Vladimir prison No. 3 has replaced lying in the hospital beaten prisoners healthy before the arrival of the representatives of the Prosecutor’s office, who checked the information about the abuse of prisoners. This “Rain”, said the Deputy Chairman of the “Committee for civil rights” Andrey Beacons.

He noted that during public Prosecutor’s inspection of the hospital was unavailable to visit. Open was only the therapeutic Department, where he was kept collaborating with the administration “activists”. In their medical records indicated that all were placed there a day or two to bypass. Victims of torture and beatings of prisoners shut in the psychosomatic Department and during the inspection the key to the door suddenly was not.

One of the employees of the IK-3 anonymous told human rights activists that the arrival of the inspection prosecutors in the colony was known in advance, the jailers had time to prepare, and complained of torture “hid” steward of the hospital. “He was transferred to another position, respectively, the Prosecutor General’s office to get to him I can not”, — said Beacons. He added that thus the Vladimir office of the Federal penitentiary service is trying to prevent objective examination.

“Civil rights Committee” have sent this information to the chief supervising Prosecutor of Russia and Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service Anatoly Rodomu.

In August prisoners “Vladimir Central” on hunger strike protesting against lawlessness on the part of prison guards, beatings, torture and bringing to suicide. Then it became known that refusing to cooperate with the administration of prisoners were taken in the IR-3 as punishment and tortured there.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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