The worshippers sacrificed four for the sake of winning in the lottery



A gang of devil worshippers from the Brazilian city of Iguatu, cearĂ¡ province, killed four people to win the lottery. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

30-year-old Gleidson Barros (Barros Gleudson) and his accomplices, 41-year-old Roberto Alves (Roberto Alves) and 17-year-old Samia Bessa (Bessa Samio), invited the victims to the party. Thus they are lured to a secluded farmhouse friends three men and a girl Bess.

The victims were beaten, tortured and cut with a knife, and then finished off with shots to the base of the neck and head. Then they cut off heads and other body parts, which are necessary for the rituals in which the perpetrators intended to summon the devil.

Barros and Alves arrested, Bess managed to commit suicide. Caught the worshippers explained the murder of a desire to live better. “They were convinced that their actions will help them win millions in the lottery and give you immeasurable power over people,” says detective Marcos Lira.

In 2017, it was reported that drought in Uganda has led to the increase in the number of human sacrifices, when another living person and remove part of the body and pump out blood. In September in the country on suspicion of committing ritual murders arrested more than 44 people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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