A century sentenced to death asked to return home


Photo: Global Society for Anti-Corruption

Nigeria centenary prisoner, sentenced to death, asked pardon. About it writes “bi-Bi-si”.

Selectin Albanus (Celestine Egbunuche) is considered the oldest prisoner in the country. To pardon the man asked the President of the nongovernmental organization Global anti-corruption community (Global Society for Anti-Corruption) Franklin ASEAN. According to him, the man went to prison because he was an ordinary poor man, but if he were rich, he would was not there. In addition Aseana believes that to keep people waiting the death penalty for so long is inhumane.

His case became public in August, after photos from the celebration of the century published by a local tabloid. This, as the newspaper writes, can cause a man shall have mercy. After publishing the article about Albanese, Nigerians started to actively discuss waiting too long that the sentence in force.

Albanus held in prison for 18 years for the murder along with his son Paul. According to him, the man sees badly and sometimes forgets that is in prison. However, despite health problems, was not released. “All I can do for him is give him food, green bananas and some medications that I transmit power,” says son Celestina.

According to official of the Nigerian prisons, now its turn for execution waiting for more than two thousand people. They are forced to the conclusion years, as executed in the country rarely (2007 to 2017, according to Amnesty International, resulted in the execution of only seven death sentences), but also refuse to pardon.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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