Businessman-United Russia had lost hope and asked trump about the protection


Photo: Evgeny Shneyvas page in “Vkontakte”

The owner of a roadside cafe in the village Issad (Leningrad region) and a member of the party “United Russia” Sergei Katrin posted on his shop banner reading “trump help! The road destroyed the business of two entrepreneurs!”, passes 47news.

The businessman explained that his discontent was caused by the reconstruction of the bridge on highway A-114 in which he lost the normal entrance to his café. “I am not against development of the road network, but should be adequate compensation,” said the entrepreneur.

According to him, appeal to the head of the United States Donald Trump became a compulsory measure after complaints to various authorities in what have not resulted. “We wanted to attract the attention of Federal officials. Well, who else to turn to?”, — said Katrin.

The Agency said earlier that the existing road to a cafe had to eliminate because it was unsolicited or unauthorised.

In mid-August, retired from Karelia sent workers and repaired free of charge bath after from the hopelessness they sealed a leaky roof banner with the Governor from the United Russia Arthur Parfenchikov.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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