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Vadim Savichevoj: video

A resident of Pervouralsk Vadim Sadykov asked the realtor to change the “kopeck piece” in the apartment of a smaller area. On the advice of the agent the man bought an apartment in the house that doesn’t exist. This was reported on the website of “Sverdlovsk regional TV”.

Realtor Sasykovo advised his relatives. The estate agent suggested as the option of sharing their own housing. Savukov sold his apartment and gave the realtor the required amount.

“The Treaty was not, orally all. [Realtor] promised immediately after the sale to change the apartment, to buy another,” — said Vadim Sadykov. Only by passing the agent the money, the man found out that the address, which is allegedly bought an apartment in the city. “47A, 47b. There, in the courts, – the 47th house. Weiner, 47b missing. Its neither on the ground nor in the plans of the city,” he said.

The realtor after the transaction stopped responding to calls and get in touch.

After learning about the situation, the man went to the police. The investigation is being conducted, at which time Sadykov moved to his mother.

At the beginning of 2018 in the Republic of Bashkortostan suspected housing fraud known in the region of songwriter Edward Igebaeva. According to investigators, for the sale of non-existent housing Igibaev made a convincing presentation video. The poet, presumably, cheated more than 30 home buyers in the number of his victims called seniors and single mothers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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