Europe has planned the new sanctions due to the Russian cyber attacks


Photo: Yves Herman / Reuters

UK, Netherlands and several other European countries insist on the introduction of EU sanctions in response to cyber attacks after the alleged attacks of hackers from Russia and China. About it writes Bloomberg.

Currently in the EU there are systems of penalties that apply to violation of the agreements about nuclear or chemical weapons or assisting terrorists to States and individuals. Reportedly, the group of countries, including Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Romania, I want to create a similar “package” for behind the hacker attacks as “malicious cyberactivity” appears more often.

Restrictions proposed to be imposed for attacks on information systems, theft of intellectual property, as well as other activities in cyberspace, which is in the interests of a foreign state. In particular, we are talking about the interference of hackers in the elections.

Usually the EU sanctions include the freezing of assets of companies and individuals and travel bans, are sometimes used, and the broader economic measures against entire countries. In this case, the action group proposes to focus on the physical and legal persons. At the same time, she believes that should be preserved and the possibility of imposing sectoral restrictions.

Bloomberg notes that the issue of sanctions for cyber attacks is being discussed by the EU in 2015, but now the pressure of some countries on this issue has increased substantially. EU leaders plan to discuss their proposals next week.

Earlier in October, it was reported that Chinese military intelligence allegedly spying on American companies, including Amazon and Apple, installed in the server chip-spies.

Numerous cyberattacks against the Latvian private companies from Russia, said the Institute of public security of Latvia. Prior to this, the Netherlands announced the prevention of attacks by Russian hackers and the expulsion of four Russian spies from the country, and the UK foreign office has accused Russian military intelligence of organizing cyber attacks and promised together with its allies to respond to them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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