In Saratov for the death of the service horses severely punished seven police officers


Photo: interior Ministry

Seven officers of the Saratov police force, head of logistics of a regional Central Board to Deputy commander of the city regiment of the patrol service of the police (PPSP), brought to strict disciplinary responsibility due to publicity about the death of service horses. About it “” reported in a press-service of the regional Moi.

The official representative of the Ministry stressed that the punishment imposed on the results of an internal review, with the wording “for the lack of control over the activities of subordinates”. The head of logistics research Affairs of the Saratov region and the commander of the regiment PPSP UMVD on the city of Saratov demoted, head of Department of protection of a public order of a regional Central Board, the chief of UMVD on the city of Saratov and his Deputy and assistant commander of the regiment PPSP warned about incomplete official compliance, Deputy police chief of a Central Board reprimanded.

“In September 2018 horses intended for culling, officially transferred to the gratuitous use of the public organization “national team of the Saratov area of Saratov region”, Three horses are currently in the Saratov state agrarian University named after Vavilov, four Krasnokutsky veterinary College, three in farming,” — said the official representative of the Main Department of internal Affairs across the Saratov region.

In the regiment PPSP the construction of new stables for the service of the horses the issue of the allocation of space for walking and grazing.

In March 2017 Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Saratov have signed a state contract with the individual entrepreneur to perform works on their service horses of the regiment RESP. However, he entrusted performance of the contract commercial organization, although the acts was myself. In the end, two horses were killed and the rest were in a very exhausted condition. On this fact the regional Department of the TFR opened a criminal case under article “fraud”, but no charges not yet filed.

About the situation became known from materials published online. According to them, more than a year, 22 horses exist solely on the handouts volunteers, two of them by 6 October died. However, according to police, the basis for criminal prosecution are not publish in the network, and inputs received from management of own safety of the regional police.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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