In the network leaked data 113 million sports fans


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An expert in the field of cybersecurity Bob Dyachenko (Bob Diachenko) found in open access to data 113,5 million users of the popular program FitMetrix designed for sport lovers. He told about it in the blog Hacken.

Accounts FitMetrix users store their personal and contact details, and information about health. This array of information has been found using the search engine Shodan. It helps to find variety of Internet-connected devices and cloud storage.

October 5, Dyachenko freely entered into the system and downloaded 119 gigabytes of data. These fitness apps are indexed on the platform since September of 2018, it will mark them as compromised. This means that the database contains a file with a ransom note.

The total number of records marked as fitmetrixaudit exceeded 113,5 million. Dyachenko suggested that not all of them are client — small piece of information impersonal. However, he says that the real victims is still a lot.

According to him, the attackers used a script that automatiseret the process of accessing the database, exporting it, and then removes the information and demands a ransom. Launched by the hackers but the process was not successful, as the data is still free.

Earlier it became known that the social network for athletes, Strava, sending a global map of Global Heat Maps with information about the devices, has revealed the secret military base of the Ministry of defense.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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