Mother closed her daughter from a crashed car castle and saved her life


Photo: Fiona Simpson

In the Australian state of Queensland during a strong hail saved the baby, shielding him with his body. Reported by ABC News.

The lyrics take 23-year-old Fiona Simpson (Fiona Simpson) when she was driving, which was her four-month-old daughter and 78-year-old grandmother. She had to pull over due to poor visibility. “I didn’t see anything in front of them, even the markings on the road,” she says.

Suddenly there was a roar. Simpson looked back and saw that the rear glass is broken. Hail and water gushed into the back seat where her daughter was lying. The woman rushed to her and covered her with his body. Then the hail smashed the windshield, but to help my grandmother in the passenger seat, she could not.

Simpson came home when the hail subsided. From the shock her body went numb, and she felt her back meet the enormous bruises and abrasions. Grandma also suffered: one hand grad skinned, the other black from the many bruises. An elderly woman had to spend the night in the hospital. The girl got off the small cones.

“In the ambulance I realized that if I didn’t, my daughter could receive serious injuries or die, says Simpson. Could happen anything”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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