Named income refused to live on subsistence level Minister


Natalia Sokolovitch: “the Sight-info”

The Minister of employment, labour and migration of Saratov region Natalia Sokolova, who said that you can live on the regional subsistence minimum, received 191 thousand rubles per month in 2017. For the year it earned 2.3 million rubles. Data about income and property of the official published on the website of the regional government.

According to the documents, Sokolova lives in an apartment with an area of 46.5 square meters, in addition, she has a smallholding (338 square meters) and house (171,9 “squares”).

Car, according to the Declaration, the Minister is not.

Earlier on Friday, October 12, Gossluzhby fired. “I consider it unacceptable for the head of the regional Ministry dismissive attitude to the topics of vital importance to the people. To those who forgets about responsibility, action will be taken in the most strict,” explained this decision by the head of the region Valery Radaev.

A day earlier, the media published a video in which Sokolov argues with Deputy Nikolay Bondarenko at the meeting in the regional Duma. The clerk assured the opponent that the amount of 3.5 thousand rubles, which cost a minimum grocery set in the Saratov region, “is enough for minimum physiological needs.” The Minister said that the money can be “balanced, but diet” menu. She saw no reason to seriously increase the cost of living.

Bondarenko suggested that the official most on it to live (7241 ruble), and “feel it on their skin”. Sokolov refused and said that she’d have no status.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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