Police officer robbed the police for repayment of your loan


Photo: Roman Yarovitsyn / “Kommersant”

Senior poznavatelnoe one of the police departments of the Vologda oblast will stand trial for stealing money from the office safe, the press service of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

According to investigators, this summer 37-year-old police officer took advantage of her no one was watching, and got out of the service box colleagues the envelope of cash amounting to more than 44 thousand rubles, which was considered material evidence in the materials of pre-investigation checks. Then poznavatelnoe was stolen from the safe of more than 10 thousand rubles.

The loss was noticed by field investigators of security police. On interrogation the woman confessed that he had stolen the money, as he experienced “serious financial difficulties due to outstanding loan”. She was dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies.

In December last year, three employees of the transport police of Moscow region has received from one year to two years in prison after a Moscow train attacked the passengers and robbed him of his tablet computer. They were convicted of the robbery committed in a criminal group and abuse of power. The amount of damage amounted to five thousand roubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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