The man lost the lottery and killed himself


Frame: Metro Newspaper UK / YouTube

In the Thai city of Pattaya, 52-year-old man committed suicide in front of a Buddhist monastery after losing the lottery. This publication reports the Metro.

Camera recording surveillance video showed that a man in a white shirt and black trousers with gasoline came near the temple at about five o’clock in the morning.

Despite the early hour, the monks noticed the flames and ran to help. “I woke up and was going to go for alms, but noticed that over the crematorium, the smoke, told the 73-year-old Abbot. — I went to check, saw the fire and quickly called the police.”

Arrived at the scene rescuers did not have time to help the man. In his pockets were found dozens of losing lottery tickets and charred paper from the Bank which showed that he had unpaid debts.

In September it was reported that the inhabitant of China was imprisoned for the arson of a kiosk selling lottery tickets. During the seven years he spent on the lottery more than six million yuan, got into debt, sold the house and left without his wife.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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