The scandalous case of the Moscow SIZO-4 “Bear” was brought to court after four years


Photo: Vasily Kuzmichenok / TASS

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office approved the indictment and directed to court criminal case about the abuse at the Metropolitan detention center №4 “the Bear”. About it “” said Lyudmila Nefedova, the official representative of Department.

She said that the defendants in the case are six people, three of whom are former employees of the jail, and three were arrested for committing serious crimes during the investigation.

Depending on the role and degree of participation charged under articles “extortion committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”, “deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim”, “bribery through an intermediary”, “bribery”, “abuse of authority causing grave consequences”.

According to Nefedova, 2014 accused, being in prison, “Bear”, with the support of other prisoners and with the help of the Deputy chief of operations, confiscated from the arrested Muscovite living space — a room in a communal apartment. He, in exchange for “medications taken without a doctor” gave the jail nurse of 50 thousand rubles through an intermediary. He also condoned by the guards and by other prisoners beaten to death it is investigative-the arrested person — thus trying to get information from him about the channels of receipt of drugs in SIZO-4.

Criminal case is directed to Babushkinskiy district court of Moscow. Against three accused remanded in custody, one is under house arrest. Two more are serving sentences for a previously committed felony.

Scandal in SIZO No. 4 erupted in 2014, after the discovery of the body of the man was beaten to death by other inmates. By the time the insulator is moved to the most modern, built on special projects building, equipped with all imaginable surveillance systems, and unnoticed by the guards bullying could not fail to arouse suspicion — especially because almost simultaneously in the detention center №1 “sailor’s silence” under strange circumstances died the three men and their families said about the extortion from employees of the capital’s Central Directorate of the Federal penitentiary service. However, from mid-2015, the investigation of these cases was not commented on — and the message about the direction the court was unexpected.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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