The survival rate of adults in Russia were at the level of Afghanistan


Photo: Thomas Peter / Reuters

Russia took place 122 out of 157 in the survival rate of adults and were on the same level with African countries. This is stated in the world Bank’s “human capital Index”,

Under the project, the Bank’s experts analyzed the country data for the 2017 and calculated the survival rate of their adult population, that is defined the range of lethal and non-lethal outcomes experienced by the people under existing conditions. So, it turned out that in Russia, only 78 percent of 15-year-old citizens live up to 60 years. Similar figures were obtained in relation to such developing countries as Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea and Comoros. One percent better indicators from Tanzania, Mongolia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Botswana.

The index of human capital reflects the level of productivity of young people and consists of five indicators: the probability of child survival to five years; expected years of schooling of children at school; assessment by a single exam; the survival rate of the adult population; the percentage of children without developmental delays.

In the overall ranking, Russia ranked 34th place at the expense of high performance on the remaining items. The survival rate of children under five years in the country 99 out of 100, the duration of education is 13.8 years, a good examination results. Insufficient data on the proportion of children with developmental delays have not allowed the world Bank to evaluate this criterion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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