The TV station accidentally praised breast Princess live


Image: @Ollie_Bayliss

The British TV channel “bi-Bi-si” happened to mention breast Princess Eugenie during the broadcast of her wedding. It happened because of an error in decoding the words of the commentator. The incident drew attention on Twitter sports journalist Bayliss Ollie (Ollie Bayliss).

Commentator wedding ceremony admired the Princess dress when she got out of the car. “What a pretty dress! She will go,” he said. Due to the similarity of the words “dress” and “breast” in the English system subtitles incorrectly believed the statement. On the screen appeared the inscription: “What a beautiful chest. She really is”.

“Title or the machine broken, or “Bi-bi-si” go to personal, speaking of the Princess Eugenia,” he joked Bayliss, accompanied by the publication of a screenshot.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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