The wife of the Deputy blocked the Moscow ring road for the filming of the video and got a penalty


Oksana Jakovlevoj: @yakovleva.ksana

Moscow police brought to administrative liability 29-year-old singer Oksana Nikolaevna, the inhabitant of the Moscow region blocked for filming of the video traffic on the ring road. On Friday, October 12, reports “Rosbalt”.

Yakovlev on the Protocol on an administrative offense under part 1 article 12.29 of the code of administrative offences (“Violation of traffic rules by a pedestrian or other person participating in process of traffic”), said the police.

The interior Ministry also said that the girl was driving the car, not having the right of control of the vehicle and in violation of the rules of application of seat belts. For this she was drawn up administrative protocols.

Yesterday in the Internet appeared the video with three dancers on the road during the traffic girls. It turned out that the dances staged by the wife of the Deputy of the city of Shchelkovo Alexei Yakovlev, acting under the pseudonym Yaxana.

On 13 September it was reported that the model Kira Mayer, has beaten the employee of traffic police, doused with boiling water in jail.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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