The woman offered to humiliate fat people and incurred the wrath of the crowd


Photo: Matt Cardy / Getty Images

User forum Mumsnet under the name travelinterset offered to humiliate fat people, so that they began to follow the figure, but other visitors to the site expressed their outrage.

Travelinterset wrote that the crisis of obesity among youth is becoming more urgent than the problem of Smoking. The woman decided that if shaming fat people, they will quickly change the way of life. According to her, in the same way, this system works with alcoholics and smokers.

Visitors to the forum overreacted to offer women. They reacted negatively to her theory and explained that to shame people for any reason is a disgusting habit.

“I almost committed suicide after being publicly humiliated due to obesity. I doubt I’m the only one,” wrote one user.

“You have no idea what people go through. One of my favorite teachers was overweight due to thyroid problems. It was not his fault, and public accusations won’t help her,” replied another visitor of the forum.

In may, the fitness blogger Lucy mountain (Mountain Lucy) told me that unexpectedly received a diagnosis of “obese” after I had gained four pounds in 10 months.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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