Trump and XI Jinping will talk in the midst of a trade war


Donald trump and si SIGPIPE: Thomas Peter / Reuters

The President of the United States Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping will hold a meeting in the midst of a trade war between the two countries. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

The meeting should take place during the summit of “big twenty” in the capital of Argentina — Buenos Aires in November. According to interlocutors of the newspaper, leaders will work hard to ease tensions on the background of a trade war, which “shakes the markets of both countries and poison relations between the two largest economies.”

The administration trump has already informed Beijing of its intentions. On the American side, the meeting sought Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin and the President’s Advisor on Economics Larry Kudlow. According to the newspaper, both tried to start negotiations and resolve the situation for several months, but did not succeed.

According to sources, trump has already created a team responsible for the preparation of the meeting. It among others included Christopher Nixon Cox, grandson of President Richard Nixon whose visit to China in 1972 marked the beginning of the dialogue between the two countries. On the Chinese side in the group will include Liu he is the economic Advisor to XI Jinping.

On 11 September, trump warned Beijing that the United States will not stop and ready to hit the Chinese economy much stronger.

The Chinese side has repeatedly assured us that they are ready to negotiate, but trump doesn’t believe that Beijing before they are ripe. On 22 September it was reported that China canceled the trade negotiations with the United States after Washington imposed new duties on Chinese goods.

Relations between the US and China has escalated this year after the us imposed protectionist measures affecting Chinese goods. One of the reasons was the high level of trade deficit. After that the parties impose on each other a number of trade restrictions that have caused concern in Washington and in Beijing.

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