Adviser to trump called the purpose of his visit to Moscow


John Boltonthe: RIA Novosti/ Alexei vitvitskiy

Advisor to the President for national security John Bolton said that a few days will arrive in Moscow to discuss Russian-American relations. About the purpose of his visit, the politician said in an interview with journalist Hugh Hewitt.

“The purpose [of the trip] was to continue the dialogue, which was held in Helsinki between President trump and President Putin to discuss Russian-American relations, where we can make progress where still issues and disagreement,” explained Bolton.

Advisor trump said he will visit the countries of the Caucasus, which played a “very significant” geographic role as cooperating with Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

11 Oct Bolton wrote in his Twitter that on October 20, will travel to Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, “to meet with his counterparts and other senior officials to advance U.S. interests in security issues”.

10 Oct Finnish media, citing sources reported that in February or spring of 2019 may be held a meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald trump on the Arctic summit in Finland.

The first full meeting of the two leaders took place on 16 July at the presidential Palace in Helsinki. It lasted almost four hours. The parties stated that they were satisfied with the negotiations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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