Coach of Russia spoke of the need to yell at women


Photo: Alexander vilf/ RIA Novosti

The coach of the national team of Russia in ski racing Egor Sorin said that often raises his voice in training. This method is especially often used during the lessons with the girls. The words of the specialist leads “R-Sport”.

“If an athlete does not understand his task and in the course of the workout begins something wrong to accomplish, at some point you have to raise your voice. Especially with girls it works effectively. That is, faster then they can perceive, as a rule. Guys I have almost always calm communication. Because they all understand quite clearly, and their emotions are not overwhelmed as emotions overflowed girls,” explained Sorin.

The coach noticed that his cry in training does not mean that to someone from athletes he is biased. On the contrary, Sorin said his group, which has 10 employees, no “Pets”.

33-year-old Sorin — master of sports of international class. He deals with athletes aged 21 to 23 years. Previously, he worked in the group of Russian athletes, led by coach Markus Kramer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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