Kiev, the Minister invited the Ukrainians to win Moscow


Photo: RIA Novosti

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian suggested the Ukrainians who want to travel to Russia to take a gun and to win Moscow. With this proposal he made in the TV channel “gromadske TV”.

In the program it was banning the transport message with Russia. Answering the question, what do the Ukrainians, who for various reasons need to go to Russia, he said that you need to go to war. “To wear the uniform, take a gun, go to war and then, after the return of the Kuban and Moscow, you can talk,” said the Minister.

As told by Omeljan, he “thank God” has no relatives in Russia, and friends in this country in 2014. He added that the majority of Ukrainians, who previously traveled to Moscow, began to visit Europe. According to the Minister, the same turn has occurred with residents of the Baltic countries. “The farther we are from Russia, the better for Ukraine”, — he concluded.

16 Aug Omeljan proposed to abolish the railway communication with Russia to ensure the safety of Ukrainians who are “at your own risk still go to Russia where they can be stolen or fall into the clutches of the FSB or other law enforcement agencies.”

Infrastructure Minister assured that Ukraine will not incur losses if it decides to discontinue rail service. On 7 August in the Ukraine, he wanted to cancel direct bus routes to Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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