Klitschko proposed to abandon the hot water in Kiev


Vitaly Clickette: Mikhail palinchak / RIA Novosti

In Kiev consider the possibility to refuse from Central hot water. According to the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitali Klitschko, contain the network, the pre-heating and conveying water through pipes is expensive, reports TASS.

The mayor called Kiev the only city in Eastern Europe, where the hot water is distributed centrally. “In European countries, in the United States of teplovodosnabzhenie — this boiler, this boiler which are in separate houses or apartments,” — said Klitschko.

He noted that the heat loss during transportation of water — a significant difficulty. “Local heat generation is much more efficient than the losses that occur along the way, if the Central heat supply”, — said the mayor.

Klitschko added that the issue is dealt with by a special Commission, the findings will soon announce.

Earlier the mayor said that the lack of hot water in Kiev that lasted for several months, arose from-for problems with deliveries of gas. He said that he uses the boiler.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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