Melania trump revealed the secret meaning of the controversial inscriptions on the jacket


Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

The U.S. President’s wife Melania trump for the first time commented on the meaning of the inscription “I don’t care, do you?” in the cloak in which she appeared during the visit to centres of detention of children of illegal immigrants. The first lady said in the TV channel ABC.

She acknowledged that the label on her clothing was indeed a message, but the public and the media took it wrong. “Obviously, I’m wearing the jacket not for children. I did this in order to get up and get off the plane. And it was for people and for media left-wing parties that criticize me”, — said the wife of trump.

The first lady added that the second time she put on her coat, seeing the reaction of the media. “I would rather they concentrated on what I was doing than on what to wear”, she said.

Thus, she supported the version of the wife, which in June explained the meaning of the phrase on her jacket. “Label “I don’t really care. And you are?” on the back of the jacket Melania refers to fake news. Melania knows how they are dishonest, and it is truly no longer care!”, — trump wrote on Twitter in June.

In June, Melania trump came to the centre for the protection of immigrant children in Texas in a green Zara coat with the words “I don’t care, do you?”. Celebrity caught her in indifference to the question of the separation of illegal immigrants on the border with the United States according to the law “zero tolerance” introduced by the American President. The representative of the first lady Stephanie Grisham stated that the jacket was not a hidden message.

The wardrobe of the first lady of the United States has repeatedly been the subject of criticism. In October it was condemned for the choice of costume slaveholder to travel to Kenya. In August, Internet users drew attention to its unnatural posture and choice of expensive clothes to work in the garden.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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