Proof of the murder of missing journalist found on the Apple Watch


Photo: Unsplash

Missing in Turkey a journalist from Saudi Arabia, Jamal Khashoggi was able to record the time of his death on the recorder that is built into Apple watch. The device was synchronized with the iPhone and cloud service, so the records fell into the hands of the Turkish police and security forces. This was announced by the Turkish government newspaper Sabah, citing law enforcement sources.

Now intelligence officers are analyzing the audiotape of the interrogation, torture and murder Khashoggi. The representatives of Saudi intelligence noticed the clock and tried to delete the entry, but they failed to erase all the data. According to the source Newspapers, in the hands of the Turkish authorities have evidence that Khashoggi was killed and dismembered in front of the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia on October 2.

Girl journalist, which he in front of the entrance left the phone, waited for him for five hours, after which she was told that Khashoggi left the building. For 11 days no one saw him. A van with tinted Windows, arriving that day on the premises, was declared wanted.

Riyadh denies the accusations. According to the statement of the Ministry of interior of the Kingdom, charged with the murder of “false and unfounded”. The Saudis have also announced readiness to cooperate with the Turkish authorities.

Khashoggi 2017 resided in the United States, collaborated with the Washington Post and was known for his criticism of the Saudi authorities and reform of crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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