Religious schools in Australia want to ban to exclude gays


Photo: Jason Reed / Reuters

Private educational institutions in Australia want to ban to exclude students because of their sexual orientation. This statement was made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, according to Reuters.

According to the Agency, it comes to including religious schools, which previously could deduct students on this basis. “When we enlisted or employed people in a Catholic school, we expect they will adhere to the values and mission of the school,” said Archbishop mark Coleridge (Coleridge Mark).

Morrison added that the government does not approve of discrimination against students in religious private schools. However, in the next two weeks will be considered the question of whether to restrict the adoption of same-sex marriage freedom of religion. He noted that all changes have to be taken in the interests of the children.

According to the Agency, gay marriage was legalized in Australia in December 2017. The Parliament considered the issue after a national postal survey in which two thirds of Australians expressed support for same-sex marriage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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