The US will send an aircraft carrier to the shores neighbor Russia


Photo: Lt. Lyndsi Gutierrez / U.S. Navy

General Curtis Scaparotti, commander of the combined forces of NATO in Europe, said that the US and its allies are ready to counter the “growing threat” from Russia. To demonstrate the commitment of the United States, in the Norwegian sea to participate in military exercises will include the U.S. aircraft carrier “Harry Truman”. This was reported by Sky News.

According to Scaparrotti, sending aircraft carrier exercises close to Russia “demonstration of capability”. “We are ready, trained and will defend the Atlantic” — said the commander in chief.

“Russia has increased its presence in the region, it also is modernizing its armed forces, and it does not seem to me something unexpected, but we should pay attention to it,” added Scaparotti.

The last time the US Navy aircraft carrier visited the Norwegian sea in 1987.

“Harry Truman” there are 49 combat aircraft, he is accompanied by nine other ships. The crew of the aircraft carrier will participate in the strategic NATO exercises Trident Juncture 2018 (the”2018 Single Trident”), together with more than 50 thousand soldiers from 30 countries-members of NATO and their allies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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