The Ukrainian military has congratulated the clip with the militia and Zakharchenko



Veterans of the fighting in the Donbass congratulated roller with the militia captured Ukrainian soldiers and leaders of the breakaway republics. About it reports TV channel TCH.

The incident occurred in the town of Konotop of Sumy region of Ukraine. On the holiday devoted to Day of the defender during the dance numbers on stage were broadcast by perturbing the veterans staff. “At first it was puzzling, and wanted to understand how this could happen that this concert could appear this video. The anger, the outrage was. Angry, cursing,” — said one of participants.

Director of culture explained what happened technical failure and negligence during installation. The police and SBU are conducting an investigation.

The day of the defender of the country in Ukraine in 2014 is on October 14 — the anniversary (in 1942), the Ukrainian insurgent army.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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