The US responded to accusations of using banned weapons in Syria


Photo: US Joint Staff / Global Look Press

The United States has applied in Syria, only those types of weapons, the use of which is not contrary to international law. This was stated by Pentagon spokesman Sean Robertson, reports TASS.

Thus he responded to the accusations of the use of ammunition with white phosphorus during the attack, the air force of the international coalition under the auspices of the United States in Syria. “Coalition forces are applied only justified attacks on military targets after the evaluation from the point of view of military necessity, humanity, proportionality and distinction, as required by international humanitarian law,” said Robertson.

He also noted that the coalition will not be publicly discussing the application of types of weapons and ammunition during the operation.

Previously, the Agency SANA reported that the international coalition led by the US used banned white phosphorus during the airstrike on the Syrian city Hagino. About the dead and wounded was not reported.

In August last year the coalition was also accused of bombing the civilian population. Then in the Syrian raqqa killed 43 people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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