A rustle at the concert provoked a fight for lovers of classical music


Photo: Steffen Kugler / Bundesregierung / Getty Images

The concert of classical music in the Swedish city of Malmo broke out brawl. This publication reports the Washington Post.

The Leipzig Gewandhaus orchestra performed the Fifth Symphony by Mahler, when one of the trainees began with a loud rustling to deploy chewing gum. The young man to a nearby place threw at her indignant glances, and when it did not had the intended effect, took a packet of gum and threw it away.

After the concert, the woman turned to the offender, said something to him and then hit him in the face with such force that his glasses flew to the floor. Her companion grabbed the young man by the shirt and started beating him. The fight lasted until he stepped the rest of the audience.

In 2009, it was reported that the concert under the slogan “Stop the violence” ended in a mass brawl. Police detained 16 participants of the brawl, and one of them had actively resisted the arrest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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